Season 6
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How does one see the world in the skin of another gender ? The director Mika Tard tried to answer that question by taking walks on the male side with notorious women disguised as men. Together, they experienced virility’s numerous features with open-mindedness and humour. This event will explore the gender theme, very significant to the Festival, through the intervention and stories of the series’ actresses after the screening of three episodes.

In each episode, Mika Tard, disguised as a man, brings different female stars into the experience of disguise. Together, they will jubilantly take on the codes of virility and will share their feelings, questions and thoughts. With les Brigitte, Océan, Nicole Ferroni, Cécile de France, Ludivine Sagnier, Amel Bent, Rebecca Zlotowski, or Marie Amachoukeli, among others.