Season 7
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The Gare Maritime opened to the public between Friday, April 5th and Tuesday, April 9th. You were able to find out information to answer all your questions about the Festival and most of all... meet talents from your favorite series, attend conversations or dream to be a part of the Friends crew during one picture.



On Saturday, April 6th, the cast of Plus Belle la vie... Encore Plus Belle, Demain Nous Appartient and Ici Tout Commence met their fans for a signing session.

Plus belle la vie... Encore plus belle
With Sylvie Flepp (Mirta Torres), Tim Rousseau (Killian Corcel), Diane
Dassigny (Jennifer Maseron), Agathe de la Boulaye (Vanessa Kepler) and Joakim
Latzko (Gabriel Riva)

Ici tout commence

With Vanessa Demouy (Rose Latour), Stéphane Blancafort (Marc Leroy), Loan Becmont (Jim Leroy), Zoï Severin (Jasmine Kasmi) and Julie Sassoust (Anaïs Grimbert)

Demain nous appartient

With Emmanuel Moire (François Lehaut), Raphaële Volkoff (Roxane Thiemen), Farouk Bermouga (Victor Brunet), Franck Monsigny (Martin Constant) and Hector Langevin (Bart Vallorta)



In partnership with the Dub-School, you came to the Gare Maritime on Wednesday, April 10th to try dubbing series alongside two of the most recognizable French voices: actresses and artistic directors Dorothée Pousséo – French voice of Margot Robbie, the Olsen twins, Vanelope from Wreck it Ralph and Mortelle Adèle, who we recently loved in Demain Nous Appartient – and Kelly Marto – French voice of Jennifer Lawrence, Nami in One Piece, Sansa Stark in Game of Thrones and more recently Florence Pugh in Dune 2.

The Dub-School: after more than 30 years of experience in acting and dubbing, Dorothée Pousseo and Kelly Marot have decided to open their own dubbing and cinema school to share their knowledge and support the emergence of new talents. A course made by professionals, for professionals, specialized in dubbing, adapting, singing and composing, in Cannes and Paris. For more information, visit



The audience was invited to sit down for a picture on the legendary Central Perk couch, from the cult series FRIENDS (broadcasted on TFX).



WITH david andré

You met David André on Tuesday, April 9. David André is a French director, screenwriter and journalist, recipient of the Albert-Londres Prize. His series, Dale Undercover, is selected this year in the Documentary Series Competition. He also worked on the series La Fille au Cœur de Cochon ( Slash), as well as numerous documentaries, such as Chante ton Bac d’Abord, which earned him a Golden FIPA in 2014.


You met Ève Déziel, Marisol Aubé and Louis-Philippe Drolet, directors and producer of the series Teenagers from this year’s Documentary Series Competition, on Monday, April 8.

A film crew followed ten teens for five years. These young people, barely out of childhood, become teenagers before our very eyes. They generously share their dreams, passions and challenges. A touching, atypical and remarkable series that gives them a voice.