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In the hip-hop world, is it easier to become successful on your own or with others? Is there really strength in unity? In Brussels, artists from different stages of their careers go through several periods of quarantine. What’s in sight? Going back to the stage, in front of an audience, and in a simpler way, the pleasure of experiencing music. BXXL is the story of the search for a creative ideal, of a generation of creators searching for their place in our society. With Roméo Elvis, Blu Samu, Geeeko, Smahlo…

Creative documentary series: 4 x 20 minutes. 
Produced by Allso and france-tv slash (France), Wrong Men and RTBF (Belgium) 
With the support of the Centre National du cinéma et de l'image animée, Shelterprod, and ING.
Directed by Lenny Grosman 
Written by Grégoire Belhoste and Robin Conrad 
Produced by Brieux Férot and Benoît Roland

Broadcasting: france-tv slash (France), RTBF Tarmac (Belgium) 

Premiere of the first images and episode of the series (40'), followed by a discussion with Smalho, Geeeko, Blu Samu, Roméo Elvis (rappers), Lenny Grosman (director), Grégoire Belhoste (author) and Dimitri Borrey (producer), moderated by Brieux Férot (producer, Society).

Duration: 90 minutes

The Cannes Rendez-Vous are exclusively intended for a French-speaking audience.

Credits: © Lenny Grosman / Allso

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