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Ireland, USA - 2022
Patrick William Smith

Season 1 - 8 x 22 minutes | World Premiere
In English, French, German, Japanese, Spanish, Mandarin with French & English subtitles
Episode 1

In the presence of creator, director and screenwriter Patrick William Smith, screenwreiter Wendy Womack and actors Natalie Cutler, Brian Villalobos, Steven He, Clara Guziewicz, Theo Holt-Bailey, Bar Reddin, Jean Law, Haruka Saito, Lena Tokuhiro and Mai Makano.

Gale – 15 years into a demoralizing career that has shattered her romantic and unrealistic expectations of archaeology – embarks on what she secretly knows will be her final dig. Accompanied by her colorful crew & vagabond pseudo-family (Goose, Reilly, Finn, and intern Ori), Gale arrives in the uber-religious town of St. Quinn, Ireland - encountering a hostile community, a rancorous contractor eager to slow their work, and a series of inexplicable events that indicate something bizarre is at work on this mysterious island.

Note from the artistic direction

At the crossroads between Detectorists and The Office, Groundbreaking is a saga through the magnificent Irish landscapes in the company of a team of loser archeologists. A funny, wild, initiatory and mystical story.

Technical Sheet

Credits: © Groundbreaking Ireland, LLC

Original Title

Written by
Patrick William Smith, Wendy Bird Womack

Directed by
Patrick William Smith

Patrick William Smith & Ben Braten

Wynter Pridack

Francesco D’Andrea & Ian Post

Natalie Cutler, Steven He, Brian Villalobos, Clara Guziewicz, Theo Holt-Bailey, Bar Reddin, Jean Law

Kiyo Films