Season 7
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Wild Cards

Place Espace Miramar
Broadcast on 7 April 16:00 - 17:30

Screening of the first episode, in international premiere in English subtitled in French, followed by a discussion with the actors Jason Priestley, Vanessa Morgan, Giacomo Gianniotti. 

Wild Cards is a crime-solving procedural with a comedic twist that follows the unlikely duo of a gruff, sardonic cop and a bubbly, clever con woman. Ellis (Giacomo Gianniotti) a demoted detective, has unfortunately spent the last year on Vancouver's marine unit (i.e., he's now a "water cop), while Max Mitchell (Vanessa Morgan) has been living a transient life elaborately scamming everyone she meets. But when Max gets arrested and ends up helping Ellis solve a local crime, the two are offered the opportunity to redeem themselves, with Ellis going back to detective and Max staying out of jail. The catch? They have to work together, with each using their unique skills to solve crimes. For Ellis, that means hard-boiled shoe leather police work; for Max, it means accents, schemes and generally befriending everyone in sight (while driving Ellis absolutely nuts). Against the background of beautiful Vancouver - with all its unique, charming, and even contradictory neighbourhoods and subcultures - the two will have to learn what it means to trust another person and maybe actually become partners.

Moderation : Romain Nigita

Technical sheet

© David Muller

Created by
Michael Konyves

Written by
Noelle Carbon

Directed by
James Genn

Eric Cayla, Lindsay George

Daria Ellerman, Allan Lee, Stein Myhrstad, Nicole Ratcliffe

Dave Genn, Shawn Pierce

Vanessa Morgan, Giacomo Gianniotti, Jason Priestley

Blink49 Pictures, Front Street Pictures

Fifth Season