Season 7
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Place Espace Miramar
Broadcast on 1 April 15:15 - 16:15

Screening of the first episode followed by a discussion with the directors Pascal Catheland and Arthur Perole, moderated by Thomas Destouches, from Télécâble Sat Hebdo.

How do you imagine the future? What do you want to dream about? During a rough school year, 14-year-old students talk about their teenage life, limited by an unprecedented health crisis. They try to think about their future in spite of a worrying world's state and tell the story of their coming of age. As they show who they are, the need to party, to dance and escape together becomes apparent! Teenagers' drales in 2021...

This session is a school session for French speaking audiences only.


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Credits: © Gabriel Lemaignan

Created by
Pascal Catheland, Arthur Perole

Directed by
Pascal Catheland, Arthur Perole

La Compagnie F and Mujo