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Every screening and every event programmed during the 3rd season of CANNESERIES are free and open to all !

Access to the screenings of the Lumière Theater with ticket only, booked on line or picked up at the Gare Maritime's counter.

For security and logistical reason, regarding to the screenings at the Palais des Festivals, presenting a ticket or a MIPTV accreditation is compulsory.

The access to CANNESERIES screenings is prohibited for people under twelve, unless it’s specified.

TICKETS ON LINE: from MARCH 5th 2020


HOW to book tickets CANNESERIES’ screenings?

  • On site (paper tickets):
    • From March 2nd, some tickets will be made available in the Townhall of Cannes, based on the presentation of proof of address, and limited to 2 tickets per person.  
    • Starting March 27th, 4PM and then everyday from 9AM to 7PM, for all our festival goers, in the Gare Maritime, with our Information and Ticketing desk.

  • Online (e-tickets): starting March 5th, book for free your tickets on our website for all the screenings occurring at the Lumière Theater during the Festival. You will be able to print your tickets or even better (let’s think about our planet) to present it directly on your smartphone when you enter the Palais des Festivals.

WARNING: having a ticket (paper or e-ticket) doesn’t ensure you a seat in the theatre. That’s why we advise you to come 45 minutes before the screenings you want to attend.

How to access CANNESERIES’ screenings?

  • Palais des Festivals: to access the Lumière Theater, you must present a ticket or MIPTV badge in the waiting line and to the controller. 
  • Espace Miramar: the events organized there are accessible without any supporting document, within the limit of available seats.

How many tickets can I book per screening? 

Whether it is online or on site, you may book up to 5 tickets per screening.

Until when can I book tickets for a screening?

As the Gare Maritime is just next to the Palais des Festivals, you may withdraw tickets, within the limit of available seats, up to 45 minutes before the beginning of each screening.

Online, you can also book seats up to 45 minutes before the beginning of the screening.

In case you hadn’t booked your screening in advance, there will be, for each screening, a Last Minute line on the right of the Palais des Festivals.

Can I cancel tickets I’ve booked for a screening?

On site, it’s also possible to give your seats back at our Information and Ticketing Desk, located at the Gare Maritime.

Is there a dresscode for Canneseries’ screenings ?

Yes, there is, but only for the evening screening. The dress code is Creative Chic.