Season 7
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France - 2017
David Wolstencroft & Simon Mirren

Season 03 | World Premiere

Louis has successfully put an end to the Affair of the Poisons. The war against Holland is won. And now Louis has a new vision: for France, for the empire, for himself. He wants to secure France's frontiers, continue to colonise the Americas and get his hands on Spain. And he dreams of being God’s representative on Earth. But there are grave risks. The people of France are sick of paying taxes. Worn out. Hungry. Rebellion is in the air... At Versailles, new challenges and problems are brewing for Louis inside the palace as well. His new favourite Madame de Maintenon is slowly pushing him down the path of Absolutism. Where will this lead? Will Louis turn into an uncontrollable tyrant? But looming in the background is a shadow that threatens to destroy everything Louis is trying to achieve: a prisoner with a dark secret whose face is hidden by an iron mask.

Technical Sheet

Created by 
David Wolstencroft & Simon Mirren

Written by
Andrew Bampfield, Tim Loane, Martha Hillier & Steve Bailie

Directed by
Richard Clark, Edward Balzaguette & Pieter Van Hees

Pierre-Yves Bastard, Michel Amathieu, Anton Mertens & Christophe Nuyens

Sarah Anderson, Jean-François Elie, Mike Fromentin, Cyril Nakache, Jean-Baptiste Morin, Claire Fieschi & Olivier Gajan

Michel Corriveau, Noia & Eduardo Noya Schreus

George Blagden, Alexander Vlahos, Elisa Lasowski, Tygh Runyan, Stuart Bowman, Evan Williams, Catherine Walker, Anna Brewster, Jessica Clark, Maddison Jaizani, Steve Cumyn, Joe Sheridan, Geoffrey Beteman, Rory Keenan, Marie Askehave, Daphné Patakia, Matthew McNulty, Jenny Platt

Capa Drama, Banijay Studios France & Entre Chien et Loup

Banijay Rights

Canal+ Création Originale