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T o p
D o g

Top Dog
Sweden - 2019 Veronica Zacco, Jens Lapidus

Season 1 - 8x45' | World Premiere
In Swedish & Serbian with English & French subtitles
Ep. 1 & 2

The Competition series will be available online at the same time as the Cannes screenings and will be accessible for 24 hours, within the limit of the 2308 available seats.

A mysterious disappearance makes two completely separate worlds collide, creating an extremely odd couple – the lawyer Emily and recently released convict Teddy. They have two opposing desires. She wants up. He wants out. She wants to secure her future. He wants to leave his old life behind. They are both forced to think again when they end up in the middle of a dangerous conspiracy.

Place Lumière Theater
Hours 12 October 15:15 - 16:45

t e c h n i c a l
s h e e t

Credits: © Pär bäckstrand C More TV4

Original Title
Top Dog

Written by  
Veronica Zacco, Lovisa Milles, Gunnar A. K. Järvstad, Josefin Johansson, Amanda Högberg

Directed by  
Molly Hartleb, Alexis Almström

Gustav Danielsson, FSF, Johan Holmquist

Thomas Lagermann, SFK, Tomas Beije, SFK

Jon Ekstrand, Carl-Johan Sevedag

Josefine Asplund, Alexej Manvelov, Joel Spira, Christian Hillborg, Peter Gardiner, Jessica Gabrovsky and Gustav Lindh

Filmlance International AB, in coproduction C MORE, TV4, ZDF, ZDF Enterprises, Film Capital Stockholm Fund

ZDF Enterprises GmbH

ZDFneo, TV4 Sweden