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This is not Sweden

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Broadcast on 6 April 11:00 - 12:15 | Grand Auditorium Louis Lumière
Això no és Suècia
Spain, Sweden, Germany, Finland - 2023
Aina Clotet, Valentina Viso, Daniel González

Season 1 - 8 x 40 minutes | International Premiere
In Catalan, Spanish, English, Swedish, subtitled in French and English
Episodes 1 & 2

In presence of creators Daniel González, Aina Clotet, Valentina Viso, directors Mar Coll, Sara Fantova and Celia Giraldo and actor Marcel Borràs.


Mariana and Samuel move to an idyllic mountain neighborhood to raise their kids more authentically and away from their own traumatic childhoods. However, when a tragedy strikes the community, their certainties begin to falter, bringing them dangerously close to everything they were trying to escape.


Note from the artistic direction

Through Marina and Samuel’s hectic journey as young parents who have just left the city to enjoy the benefits of nature, This is not Sweden, a bittersweet comedy from Cataluña, makes us reflect on what qualifies as a “good parent”. A perfect balance between cringe humor and emotions.

Technical Sheet

Credits: © Kiku Piñol

Original Title
Això no és Suècia

Written by
Valentina Viso, Daniel González, Aina Clotet

Directed by
Aina Clotet, Mar Coll, Sara Fantova, Celia Giraldo

Nilo Zimmermann

Elena Ruiz, Aina Calleja, Ariadna Ribas

Remate, Guillermo Farré.

Aina Clotet, Marcel Borràs, Violeta Sanvisens, Liv Mjönes, Tomás del Estal, Ia Langhammer, Nora Navas, Enric Auquer, Mabel Rivera, Nausicaa Bonnín

Nanouk Films, Funicular Films, Anagram Sverige AB

RTVE, 3Cat

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