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Short Form Competition

Over and Out

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Over and Out
Australia - 2019
Adele Vuko & Christian Van Vuuren

Season 1 - 5x5' ⎮ World Premiere
In English with French subtitles
Ep. 1 - 4

Lewis and Freya are two young parents fervently trying to raise their children the right way in a world full of wrong. They are stuck in the middle of the two most stressful things imaginable: namely raising young children and surviving the end of the world. They’re battling the cute and cuddly horrors of early parenthood alongside the ACTUAL horrors of metal-clad gangs, ravenous zombies, disfigured mutants, cannibals, dehydration, disease, and starvation. They will soon learn the highs and lows of parenting and how to maintain their sanity and relationship whilst facing the harsh brutality of a planet that’s been all but destroyed.

Technical Sheet

Credits: © all rights reserved 

Creation & Screenplay 
Adele Vuko & Christiaan Van Vuuren

Connor Van Vuuren

Gabe Dowrick

Jed Palmer

Adele Vuko, Christiaan Van Vuuren, Rachel House, Brooke Satchwell, Nick Boshier, Anni Finsterer, Bali Padda, Freddie Tabone

Midwinter Films

Midwinter Films


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