Season 7
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Broadcast on 9 April 11:00 - 12:35 | Grand Auditorium Louis Lumière
Belgium, The Netherlands, Germany - 2023
Frank Van Passel, Jef Hoogmartens, Jonas Van Geel

Season 1 - 6 x 50 minutes | World Premiere
In Dutch, English, French, German, Esperanto, subtitled in French and English
Episodes 1 & 2

In presence of creators Frank Van Passel, Jef Hoogmartens and Jonas Van Geel and actors and actresses Boris Van Severen, Leonie Benesch, Bram de Vim, Emma Nova, Pierre Bokma and Jade Olieberg.


Ben Schotz, a man scarred by his past, returns to his native village Moresnet after the death of this father. Together with his childhood friends, including the determined journalist Zoë Kuypers, he decides to dig up a time capsule they buried 22 years earlier. In that trunk, they find the diary of Ben's mentally disturbed brother, Daan. On the last page of that diary, Ben discovers a list of names… with the death dates of his friends. Within ten days, each of them will die. How did this list end up in this twenty-two-year-old diary? And why their names? In a race against time, Ben and Zoe try to prevent their predicted demise. Their quest leads to Thalamus, a German neuro-technology multinational, owned by the brilliant Nobel Prize winner Robert Rolin and his successor and granddaughter, Eva Rolin. In this mystery thriller, ‘Moresnet’, two visions of life cross swords: the malleability of life versus the inevitability of fate.

Note from the artistic direction

A dive into the fantasy genre with Moresnet, a Belgian high-concept series with references to Dark and Yellow Jacket. A very ambitious series with an ensemble cast of young and talented actors and a leading role played by German actress Leonie Benesch, who already came to CANNESERIES with Around the World in 80 days.


Technical Sheet

Credits: © Nyklyn / Lompvis

Original Title

Written by
Jef Hoogmartens

Directed by
Frank Van Passel

Gerd Schelfhout

Nico Poedts, Stijn Deconinck & Koen Timmerman

Stijn Cole & Rutger Hoedemaekers

Leonie Benesch, Boris Van Severen, Jade Olieberg, Arend Pinoy, Pierre Bokma, Emma Drogunova

Lompvis, Caviar, Flare Film & Pupkin

Newen Connect, Skoop Media

Streamz, ZDF