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Huone 301
Finland - 2019

Season 1 - 6x45' | International Premiere
In Finnish with English & French subtitles
Ep. 1 & 2

The Competition series will be available online at the same time as the Cannes screenings and will be accessible for 24 hours, within the limit of the 2308 available seats.

Summer 2007, Finland. While the Kurtti are spending their annual holidays in their cabins, Tommi, 2 years old, is killed by a gunshot. Elias, a 12-year-old neighbor, is blamed for his death. Summer 2019, Greece. 12 years later, the family receives a threatening anonymous letter. In the Greek resort where they are staying, they come across a man that looks just like Elias, in room 301. Is it really him?

Place Lumière Theater
Hours 11 October 11:15 - 12:45

t e c h n i c a l
s h e e t

Credits: © Warner Bros. International Television Production Finland - Tiia Öhman

Original Title
Huone 301

Written by  
Kate Ashfield

Directed by  
Mikko Kuparinen

Max Smeds

Kim Saamiluoto

Antony Bentley

Antti Virmavirta, Kaija Pakarinen, Jussi Vatanen, Pöysti Leena, Andrei Alén, Kreeta Salminen

Warner Bros. Television, Wall to Wall

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