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The series presented by...
Belgium - 2020
Gilles Coulier & Maarten Moerkerke

Season 1 - 12x10' | International Premiere

In Flemish & French with French & English subtitles
Ep. 1 & 8

In Lockdown the setting, the visiting room of a prison, is indirectly a reflection on the situation of quarantine and social distancing. The series has 12 self-contained stories, each lasting 10 minutes. Crime is not central, but rather feelings of loneliness, love, hope, powerlessness and desire.

Note from the artistic direction
If Lockdown is one the most fascinating and disturbing anthology series of the year, it is probably because of its main character: a prison parlour with a glass pane. Fascinating because one can identify oneself easily to most situations.

Technical Sheet

Credits: © De Wereldvrede / Lecter Scripted Media

Original Title

Written by
Kevin Meul & Robin ProntWouter Bouvijn, Stefanie Vanhecke & Jan Pepermans, Josse De Pauw, Jan Eelen, Christina Vandekerckhove, Julie Mahieu & Jonas Geirnaert & Gilles Coulier, Flo Van Deuren & Kato De Boeck, Joey O'Bryan, Michael De Cock, Frederike Migom & Laura Schroeder, Dimitri Verhulst

Directed by
Robin Pront, Wouter Bouvijn, Kaat Beels, Maarten Moerkerke, Jan Eelen, Christina Vandekerckhove, Gilles Coulier, Flo Van Deuren & Kato De Boeck, Jonas Govaerts, Dorothée van den Berghe, Frederike Migom, Michaël R. Roskam

Grimm Vandekerckhove, Robrecht Heyvaert, Jan Vancaillie, Anton Mertens, Amandine Klee, Pieter Van Alphen, Nicolas Karakatsanis, Esmoreit Lutters, Wim Vanswijgenhoven, Konrad Widelski, Glynn Speeckaert

Maarten Janssens, Matthieu De Puydt, Marie-Hélène Dozo, Bert Jacobs, Ward Geerts Yoohan Leyssens, Thijs Van Nuffel, Paul Lawrence Foley, Jan Van der Weken,Tom Denoyette

Younes Faltakh & Damien Vanderhasselt, B1980, Fabien Leclercq, Brecht Ameel, Aiko Devriendt, Jimmy De Wit & David Martijn, Raf Keunen, Stijn Ylode De Gezelle, Ruben De Gheselle David Martijn, titlesong by David Martijn

Matthias Schoenaerts, Veerle Baetens, Peter Gorissen, Tom Vermeir, Emilie De Roo, Linde Carrijn, Bart Hollanders, Kim Snauwaert, Marjan De Schutter, Josse De Pauw, Peter Van den Begin, Dominique Van Malder, Mounir Aït Hamou, Johan Leysen, Maaike Neuville, Circé Lethem, Gene Bervoets, Anne-Laure Vandeputte, Sachli Gholamalizad, Sara De Roo, Tine Embrechts, Joke Devynck, Olivier Bony, Antoine Princen

De Wereldvrede & Lecter Scripted Media


Eén (VRT)

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