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La Maison des Folles

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La Maison des Folles
Canada - 2018
Mara Joly

Season 1 - 8x12' ⎮ World Premiere
In French with English subtitles
Ep. 1 & 2

La Maison des Folles is an unlikely sisterhood that forms in the beige-toned half-basement of a foster home for “problem” teenage girls in the year 2000. Soon after arriving from Africa, Sahara, a mixed-race 15-year-old, is driven by CPS to a foster home in the suburbs. At the house, run by “Auntie,” she finds four teenage girls who object to her presence and make her life miserable. But little by little Sahara makes friends with the girls, turning enemies into allies against the ostracism of those around them.

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Credits: © Les Productions St Laurent Web Inc.

Mara Joly

Mara Joly

Alexandra Oakley

Maxime Fortin

Sarah Cantin, Juliette Gariépy,, Yulia Shupenia, Anne-Florence Lavigne-Desjardins, Angélique Cadieux et Claire Jacques

Les Productions St Laurent web

Unis TV /TV5/ Télé-Québec

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