Season 7
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Short Form Competition

If I Were You

Si fueras tú
Spain - 2017
Javier Olivares, Annaïs Schaaff & Javier Pascual

Alba is a 17-year-old girl who moves with her uncle Miguel to a residential area in search of a new life. Alba's parents have moved to New Zealand for work, but she has to finish her school year in Spain. However, as soon as she goes to school she realizes that it won’t be so easy to adapt. The reason? Her resemblance to Cris, a girl who disappeared just six months before she arrived. Alba decides to find out what happened to Cris and who is responsible for her disappearance.

Technical Sheet

Created and written by
The script has been adapted by: Javier Olivares, Annaïs Schaaff & Javier Pascual

Directed by
Joaquín Llamas

Víctor Tejedor

Silvia Pizarro

Pablo Cervantes

Maria Pedraza, Oscar Casas, Jorge Motos, Nerea Elizalde, Lucia Díez, Daniel Ibáñez, Adriá Collado, Juan Blanco, Ingrid Rubio, Ruth Diaz, Elena Alférez

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