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El Infierno
Argentina - 2022
Santiago Mouriño, Pablo Balmaceda

Season 1 - 9 x 8 minutes | World Premiere
In Spanish with French and English subtitles
Prologue and episode 1

In a world ruled by algorithms, likes and selfies, do you define your gender? Or does your gender define you? A young aspiring actress must navigate a hostile big new city looking for meaning and some kind of human connection when she falls in love with an elusive girl and meets with a film director who exposes her to uncomfortable situations. Hell a dark coming-of-age drama, a journey of initiation, a descent into the darkest side of the human soul. It is the story of a young woman in search of her true self against an alienating backdrop.

Note from the artistic direction
Hell is an initiatory trip, an odyssey through the thoughts of a young woman searching for identity, direction and connection. This series, with strong visual treatment, is a sensory and atmospheric journey.

Technical Sheet

Credits: © Los400cortes

Original Title
El Infierno

Written by
Santiago Mouriño

Directed by
Santiago Mouriño

Alejandro Ortigueria

Santiago Mouriño

Juan Manuel Ponce

Agostina Innella, Verónica Gerez, Fabricio Miscione, Alexia Moyano, Leo Bromberg, Juan Barberini, Karla Martinez, Argenis Ciriaco, Brenda Peluffo


Lucia Muñiz