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Golden Revenge

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Golden Revenge
United States of America - 2018
Josh Gardner & Tom Stern

Season 1 - 12x12'⎮ World Premiere
In English, with French subtitles
Ep. 1 & 2

Three adorable pets go on a blood-soaked quest to avenge their beloved owner. Goldie the retriever, Hoagie the bulldog, and Coco the cat live happily with their master Kathee. But when Kathee marries fiendish gold-digger Geoffrey, everything goes to hell. Geoffrey hires a hitman and his pet chimp to kill Kathee, but the attempt fails, leaving Kathee in a coma – and when he finds out the pets are the benefactors of her estate, he orders them dumped in the river. But the pets survive! Some of them, anyway – and now they’re out for revenge.

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Crédits : © 2019 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.  All Rights Reserved

Creation & Screenplay 
Josh Gardner & Tom Stern

Tom Stern

Jay Wade Edwards, Eric Stran, Rafael Nur

Gregory Nicolett

David Cross, Natasha Leggero, Ice-T, Trace Adkins, Jessica Makinson, Mo Mandel, Amy Argyle, Agnes Albright, Vince Lozano

Retrofit Films and Conaco in association with Blue Ribbon Content

Warner Bros.