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Everything You Love

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The series presented by...
Alt du elsker
Norway - 2022
Marie Hafting

Season 1 - 7 x 22 minutes | International Premiere
In Norwegian with French and English subtitles
Episode 1

Sara and Jonas run into each other by coincidence when a subway train must be evacuated in the center of Oslo. Strong feelings arise between them, but after a while Sara discovers that Jonas has a dark secret.

In the series, we meet Jonas as he is being radicalized into a right-wing extremist group. His search for a community of like-minded people online and in real life, is in strong contrast to his love relation with Sara. Jonas tries his best to lead a double life, but the deeper he gets into the right-wing extremist community, the harder it becomes. In Everything You Love, we follow Sara and Jonas’ budding love story, while at the same time, Jonas is becoming more and more radicalized.

Note from the artistic direction
Everything You Love addresses the topic of radicalisation with refined realism, relevant evocation and an outstanding way to follow through with its message, without flinching or cheating. Mina Dale and Jakob Fort are radiant revelations.

Technical Sheet

Credits: © Julianne Leikanger

Original Title
Alt du elsker

Written by
Marie Hafting

Directed by
Stian Kristiansen

Trond Tønder

Vidar Flataukan, Toril Strøm

Ariadne Loinsworth

Mina Dale, Jakob Fort

The Oslo Company

DR Sales

Discovery Norway (Norway)