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El Inmortal

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El Inmortal
Spain - 2021

Season 1 - 8 x 50 minutes | World Premiere
In Spanish with French and English subtitles
Episodes 1 and 2

During the 90s, cocaine trafficking and control of Madrid’s nightclubs were ruled by a gang that monopolized cover sheets and television programs: “The Miamis”. Their name made everyone who heard it feel panic.

El inmortal is a crime drama that tells the story of Jose Antonio and his organization. A man that became one of the most powerful drug traffickers across Europe, surviving endless assassination attempts that placed him in the realm of a legend. This is the story inspired by his reign and the city that saw him die so often.

Note from the artistic direction
At first glance, this story inspired by the real life of a big shot from Madrid in the 80s and 90s, can seem conventional, but its mad energy, its lead actor’s charisma and its spinning directing make it an incomparable work, so hang on tight to your seat!

Technical Sheet

Credits: © Telefónica Audiovisual Digital SLU

Original Title
El Inmortal

Written by
Diego Sotelo, David Moreno

Directed by
David Ulloa, Rafa Montesinos

David Omedes Aec

David Nieves, Domi Parra

Lucas Vidal

Álex García, Emilio Palacios, Marcel Borrás, Jason Day, María Hervás, Teresa Riott, Claudia Pineda, Jon Kortajarena, Catalina Sopelana

MovistarPlus+, Telemundo, DLO Producciones

Beta Film GmbH

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