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Do not disturb

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Do not disturb
United Kingdom - 2018
Michael Haussman & Larry Volpi

Season 1 - 9x10' ⎮ World Premiere

DO NOT DISTURB is an anthology series that peers behind closed doors and exposes the private lives and secrets of the guests checking into hotel rooms around the world. Spanning a range of genres from thriller to comedy to horror, a common theme threads each episode:  everybody has a dark side, and we’re all this close to being exposed. From the vast skylines of London, to the corners of Beirut, through worn-out British seaside towns, to a shady room in Eastern Europe, the audience is given an entirely new vantage point on what goes on behind the “do not disturb” signs.

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Credits: © all rights reserved

Michael Haussman & Larry Volpi

Michael Haussman & Larry Volpi, Olivia Poulet, Mike O’Leary, Nida Manzoor, Davey Spens

Michael Haussman, Jude Law, Jake Chapman, Mounia Akl, Dylan Southern, Will Lovelace, Zoe Casavettes, Matthew Huston

Sam Sneade, Ellie Johnson, Ben Crook, Flaura Atkinson, Quinn Williams, Mariana Blanco, Matteo Bini

Gesaffelstein & Ghost Poet, Ed Carlile, Brendan Woithe, Ben Crook, Ryan Grogan, Shiftz – Zeid Hamdan, Maryam

Monica Belluci, Jack Huston, Daniel Mays, Ralph Ineson, Sophie Cookson, Robert Emms, Edward Holcroft, Suki Waterhouse, Imogen Waterhouse, Hans Kesting, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett & Heather Wright

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