Season 7
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Documentary Series Competition

The Chevaline Killings: Finding the Missing Piece

The series presented by...
France - 2022-2023
Brendan Kemmet

Season 1 - 6 x 26 minutes | World Premiere
In French with English subtitles
Episode 1

In the presence of directors Imen Ghouali et Camille Bovier-Lapierre.

Perfect crime or failed investigation? Why three British nationals with Iraqi origin were murdered in the French Alps near Switzerland on September 5th, 2012? Was the French cyclist killed the same day a mere collateral victim? Who is behind the most mysterious criminal case of recent years in Europe? Will
the investigation ever come to an answer? One of the most important investigations ever conducted in France gets bogged down: dozens of leads followed, hundreds of witnesses, dozens of expert technical reports, reconstructions, endless wiretaps, etc. All this, to not even understand the motive of the crime. All this for for nothing?

Note from the artistic direction
The Chevaline Killings: Finding the Missing Piece, the only true-crime series in our Competition, takes on a difficult challenge with success: taking a look back at the terrible slaughter, still unresolved today. The series sheds a new light on it, with the help of a totally innovative 3D reconstruction technology, quite revolutionary. A gripping immersion into the heart of the investigation.

Technical Sheet

Credits: © Upside

Original Title

Written by
Brendan Kemmet, Imen Ghouali

Directed by
Imen Ghouali, Camille Bovier-Lapierre

Stéphane Bion

Romain Vittiello

Mathieu Artu

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