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Bang Bang Baby

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Bang Bang Baby
Italy - 2022
Andrea Di Stefano

Season 1 - 10 x 50 minutes | World Premiere
In Italian with French and English subtitles
Episodes 1 and 2

1986. Alice Giammatteo is sixteen years old and lives with her mother Gabriella in a small, boring working-class town in Northern Italy. Her grey and monotone teenage existence could not be further removed from the glossy images depicted on TV. Everything suddenly changes when she is confronted with a shocking revelation: Alice discovers that her father, Santo Maria, whom Alice believed have been murdered years earlier, is actually still alive. Determined to see him, Alice sets out for Milan and gets engulfed by her father’s family: the Barones, a clan belonging to the Milanese branch of a criminal organization. At its helm, is her ruthless grandmother Nonna Lina. Out of love for her father, Alice will begin her decent into the world of crime.

Note from the artistic direction
In a total outburst of colours, visual effects, and characters - each more eccentric than the other -, Bang Bang Baby skillfully combines different themes dear to Italian culture. Ariana Becheroni is a true revelation who shines through the screen. A genuine explosion.

Technical Sheet

Credits: © PrimeVideo - Andrea Pirrello

Original Title
Bang Bang Baby

Written by
Andrea Di Stefano, Sebastiano Melloni, Valentina Gaddi

Directed by
Michele Alhaique (episodes 1,2,3,4,7 and 8), Margherita Ferri (episodes 5 and 6), Giuseppe Bonito (episodes 9 and 10)

Vittorio Omodei Zorini (episodes 1 to 4), Daria D’Antonio (episodes 5,6,9 and 10), Timoty Aliprandi (episodes 7 and 8)

Marcello Saurino (episodes 1 to 4, 7,8 and 10), Ilaria Fraioli (episodes 5 and 6), Federica Forcesi (episode 9)

Santi Pulvirenti

Arianna Becheroni, Adriano Giannini, Antonio Gerardi, Dora Romano, Lucia Mascino, Giuseppe De Domenico

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