Season 6
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During the Festival

Within the program

  • Educational day

Since its first edition, CANNESERIES opening Friday is exclusively dedicated to school audiences at the Espace Miramar, junior high and high school students coming, with screenings designed for them, and even by them. Indeed, teaming up with the Nice regional education authority, CANNESERIES saves a dedicated timeslot within its educational program for the screening of a web-series made by highschoolers of the region. The festival thus supports the next generation’s creation, contextualized through a talk about short form series. For this sixth season, the Friday “school day” will be extended to Thursday afternoon as well.

Throughout the festival, the work with young audiences continues, in collaboration with Cannes Cinéma, as many junior high and high school students come to attend different screenings/discussions at the Espace Miramar but also screenings in competition at the Grand Auditorium Lumière.

  • Reaching out to wider audiences

In partnership with the Archipel des Lucioles association, that handles the national coordination of all actions of education in the visual image, CANNESERIES welcomes groups of young people coming from outside the region and out of school time, to whom the festival offers a full immersion into the daily life of the festival and dedicated workshops.

  • Screenings and talks designed to make things change

Every year, within the Rendez-vous, CANNESERIES and the Lab Femmes de Cinéma organize a masterclass putting the spotlight on a woman of the industry to discuss the role of women in the world of series, in front of and behind the camera. During the previous editions, the festival has welcomed: directors, screenwriters and actresses Cathy Verney (Vernon Subutex, Hard), and Fanny Sydney (Loulou, Brigade Mobile, Dix pour Cent), and Anne Berest, author and screenwriter (Mytho).

The artistic direction of the festival has its heart set on programing more “editorial” sessions to open the discussion, either to talents, themes or series whose topics are dear to the festival: “Series and American elections”  with Corentin Sellin, American politics expert, the issue of sexism with the series Des Gens Bien Ordinaires from creator, author and director Ovidie, “Philosophize through Series” with philosopher Adèle Van Reeth, or else the history of colonization and genocides with director Raoul Peck and his documentary series Exterminate All the Brutes.

Within our professional events

A collective Lab Femmes de Cinéma workshop, in partnership with the 50/50 Collective, has been taking place during the CANNESERIES Writers Club, for 3 years, to raise awareness, and rally the 50 screenwriters present behind equality and diversity in series.


During the rest of the year

  • Series in prison

Since its creation, CANNESERIES is used to opening the doors to the world of series to a wider audience, through its screenings, rendez-vous and talks.

In 2022, the festival and Archipel des Lucioles have created a new partnership with the Direction Interrégionale des Services Pénitentiaires to launch short form series screening actions in prison.

These actions take place in three different prisons of the région Sud; the Arles prison, the Grasse detention center, and the Marseille Baumettes prison. It is comprised of the screening of series from previous editions of the festival followed by a discussion about image analysis, the series industry, and the creation of the screened series, with talents who worked on it, in front of or behind the camera.

At the end of January, the second season of the series Narvalo was therefore screened at the Grasse detention center, followed by a discussion supervised by Thomas Destouches, journalist specialized in series.

  • University interventions

CANNESERIES expands each year, thanks to interventions happening before and during the festival in universities (Université Nice Côte d’Azur, Campus George Méliès in Cannes, Université la Sorbonne in Paris). They will be held either by the artistic direction of the festival to present the event and the world of series, or by talents brought out directly to the classroom for a special discussion, as director Jean-Xavier de Lestrade did when attending the 2022 edition for the series Jeux d’Influence, Les Combattantes.