Season 6
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What's Next: Patria

Credits: © HBO Europe 2020

The day ETA announces a ceasefire, Bittori visits the cemetery where her husband Txato, who was murdered by the terrorists, is buried. She tells him that she has decided to return home to the village where they lived together to try and get closure. Will she be able to live alongside those who hounded her before and after the attack - turning her life upside down? Will she ever be able to find out the identity of the hooded assailant who on that rainy day, killed her husband? Bittori’s presence in the village causes chaos, enraging her neighbour Miren, once a close friend and mother of Joxe Mari, an imprisoned terrorist and the probable killer of Txato. What happened between these two women? What poisoned the lives of their children and their husbands who were so close in the past? The rift that exists between them and their deeply held convictions make trying to forget impossible, but will they be able to forgive in a community shattered by political fanaticism?

Patria (Spain), drama. Panel with Aitor Gabilondo (showrunner) and Susana Abaitua (actress). Soon on Canal +.