Season 6
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What's Next on Salto: The Sister

Credits: © Euston Films and ITV

A fateful mistake in his youth, long-buried, comes back to haunt Nathan and threatens to implode the wonderful life he has built. How far will he go to keep his past buried?
This tense psychological thriller unfolds as we meet Nathan and his loving family, living a seemingly perfect life. An old acquaintance shows up out of the blue with shocking news, throwing Nathan’s carefully protected family life into chaos and forcing him to revisit the worst night of his life.
As the tension mounts, we discover the shocking truth of what happened all those years ago, exposing a web of violence and secrecy that Nathan is desperate to keep hidden. It’s a gripping series that keeps you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

The Sister (United Kingdom), thriller. Panel with Neil Cross (showrunner), Russell Tovey (actor), Kate Harwood (executive producer). Produced by Euston Films, a Fremantle company.

Coming in October on ITV.