Season 6
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True crime in series, when fiction catches up with reality

Credits: © Jérôme Prébois - CPB Films - L’Île Clavel - France Télévisions

Série Séries gets French creators together for a conversation about adapting stories inspired by real events on-screen. What kind of inspiration are those real stories for creators? How is retranscription important in these adaptations of events experienced by real people (who sometimes collaborated on the creation process)? What are the moral stakes and limits facing the creative team? How do they offer a look on the dysfunctions of our society? What kind of comment on society and human soul (the protagonists’ soul and the viewers’) do they offer? 

Conversation with Vincent Garenq (screenwriter and director, Le Mensonge), and Jean-Xavier de Lestrade (screenwriter and director, Laetitia), two creators who have brought to the screen stories directly inspired by real life events.

Moderated by Marie Barraco and Philippe Tribois. 
In partnership with Festival Série Series and BetaSeries.