Season 8
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Stewart Copeland: legendary drummer of The Police and brilliant composer

A unique talk with Stewart Copeland, one of the greatest drummers in history. Co-founder of The Police but also genius composer, Stewart Copeland also loves series (his soundtrack for Dead Like Me has been nominated for an Emmy Award). From his legendary studio, he tells us all about his incredible career and his vision of music, with great enthusiasm and contagious joy.

Stewart Copeland has spent more than three decades at the forefront of contemporary music as a rock star and acclaimed film composer, as well as in the disparate worlds of opera, ballet, and chamber music.

Recruiting Sting and Andy Summers in 1977, Copeland is renowned as the founder of The Police, a band that became a defining force in rock music.

Copeland has been responsible for some of the film world's most innovative and ground-breaking scores. His numerous film scores include Oliver Stone's Wall Street, the seminal score for the Golden Globe-nominated soundtrack for Francis Ford Coppola's Rumble Fish, the score for Bruno Barreto's Oscar-nominated Four Days in September and his Emmy nomination for the Showtime pilot and series Dead Like Me. His work in television includes contributions to The Equalizer, Babylon V, and Desperate Housewives, the Emmy-nominated series ‘Dead Like Me’, and he also scored the blockbuster hit video game ‘Spyro’. 

In 2021, Copeland will debut a new project, Stewar Copeland: The Police Deranged for Orchestra, which focuses on the epic rise of his career.

Conversation moderated by Philippe Guedj (Le Point Pop).


Credits: © Shayne Gray