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Filmed Cannes Rendez-vous

L'Epopée Temporelle : rendez-vous with Cyprien Iov & François Descraques

L’Épopée temporelle is the story of Iris, Thomas, La Buse and Eliot, who form a wobbly group reunited to find the inventor of the time machine. Clues and relics are everywhere: in Middle Ages England, 1944 Berlin, a pirate port in La Réunion, a Mayan city before conquistadors got there, an Egyptian antique pyramid or in the palace of a shogun in feudal Japan. The characters will surprise each other and become a group of friends more than original…

An Adult Swim series of 30 episodes of 10 minutes in 2D animation.

A discussion with Cyprien Iov (actor, scriptwriter and producer) and François Descraques (author).

The Cannes Rendez-Vous are exclusively intended for a French-speaking audience.


Credits: © Adult Swim

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