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Exclusive interview with Kaley Cuoco

April 27, 2021
CANNESERIES presents, in collaboration with Allociné, an exclusive one-to-one with Kaley Cuoco, lead actress and producer of The Flight Attendant, her new series, released on Warner TV and on demand. 
We knew her as the bubbly and beautiful Penny in the cult show The Big Bang Theory, and we can watch her act now in a totally different genre: a thriller mixing drama and comedy. She plays Cassie, an alcoholic and partying stewardess whose fate will change overnight. Cassie’s role got her nominated for a Golden Globe and a SAG Award. 
In this interview, lead by Nora Bouazzouni, Kaley Cuoco reveals how she experienced the after The Big Bang Theory, the behind-the-scenes of The Flight Attendant and tells us about her experience as new committed producer (YES, NORMAN Productions).
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