Season 8
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Short Form Competition Program 2

Short Form Competition
Place Espace Miramar
Broadcast on 18 April 14:00 - 15:40

On the program for this second part of the Short Form Competition:



Marseille. This summer, as their groups quarrel over their housing projects sports area, Inès and Slimane allow themselves to experience their first love story - the one that makes them grow.




An offbeat, moving, and inspiring comedy that reveals how sick people can be happier than those bursting with health! This is the inspiring story of four friends, all of whom have cystic fibrosis, and who rediscover a fierce desire to live life to the fullest when they learn that one of them could die before autumn's end. This series is not about illness! It looks at the issues of life, friendship, making dreams come true and the people who are by your side when things go very wrong.



out of touch

Ava is a hugely successful and respected couple’s therapist with a hidden talent. She sees glimpses of a person’s future love life by simply putting her hand on their chest. Having seen everything that can go wrong in a relationship, Ava has grown cynical and has given up on ever finding love. But, her world is turned upside down when she meets John and accidentally sees a vision of herself marrying him.




On March 23, 1976, the Armed Forces of Argentina carried out a coup d'état and seized power until 1983. During this dictatorship, more than 500 babies born in captivity and very young children were illegally appropriated, stripped of their identity and relocated to new families. In this anthology series inspired by real cases, each episode portrays a story linked to the search for and restitution of the identity of these children.



easy peasy

Easy Peasy is a miniseries by Fridtjof Stensæth Josefsen about the struggles of the little man. Through 6 episodes we meet 6 different men who wrestle with themselves and their surroundings when confronted with small everyday dilemmas. Sadly, easy peasy isn’t always lemon squeezy.