Season 7
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Section de Recherches

Place Espace Miramar
Broadcast on 6 April 14:00 - 15:30

Screening of the first part of the series finale "Nouveau départ" followed by a discussion with actors Fabienne Carat and Franck Semonin, moderated by Juliette Heuzebroc, from Télé-Loisirs

It is time to retire for Martin Bernier! Vicky, very attached to him, organizes a surprise weekend with the current members of the Research Unit as well as some of the former collaborators. Located on a quiet island cut off from the world, the young woman's old family house will be the place of celebration. Everyone, with the exception of the guest of honour, meets the day before to prepare for the event. For some, it is a touching reunion, for others, a first encounter. Not always easy! The next day when Bernier, accompanied by Lucas, lands on the island, he is delighted and touched to see them all gathered for him. But very quickly things go wrong, we discover the lifeless body of one of them on the beach. Incident? Murder? All, except Bernier, turn out to be potential suspects. But who did it?

This session is for French speaking audiences only.


TECHNIcal sheet

Credits: © Oliver Martino

Created by
Dominique Lancelot

Written by
Denis Alamercery, Eloïse Tibet-Zanini

Directed by
Eric Le Roux

Julien Fillon

Fabrice Dautcourt

Clément Tery

Xavier Deluc, Franck Sémonin, Fabienne Carat, Linda Hardy, Elise Tielrooy

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