Season 7
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Once Upon a Time... The Objects

Place Espace Miramar
Broadcast on 10 April 10:00 - 11:00

Projection and conversation with Hélène Barillé (PROCIDIS CEO). French-speaking audience only. In presence of 2023 freestyle scooter France champion Elliott Robert-Cantoni.

Maestro returns with a new series dedicated to everyday objects in a resolutely cartoonish and contemporary spirit. 3 episodes will be shown.

Each object is an opportunity to cross different fields of knowledge (History, Geography, Physics, Natural Sciences, Philosophy), todiscover how they have playeda role in the history of mankind and shaped the world we live in... as well as that of tomorrow always with a lot of fun !

Moderated by: Romain Nigita

Technical sheet

© Copyright PROCIDIS / SAMKA - Tous droits réservés

Based on the work of
Albert Barillé

Written by
Vincent Bonjour, Pascal Mirleau

Directed by
Luc Vinciguerra

With the voice of

Jean-Claude Donda

Procidis, Samka

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