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Odile Vuillemin

Profilage, Xanadu, L’emprise, Les Innocents (Eyewitness), Un Homme Parfait... Odile Vuillemin has proven she was an unpredicatble, creative and comitted comedian. The actress who embodied the criminologist Chloé Saint-Laurent in popular series Profilage during seven seasons will talk about her career.

Odile Vuillemin studied sociology, psychology and foreign languages before discovering a passion for theater. She studied at the Cours Simon, and in 2001 earned her first film role in Jean-Paul Civeyrac's Le doux amour des hommes. She went on to act in Benoît Jacquot's À tout de suite (2003), Yann Moix's Podium (2004), and Fred Louf's J'aime Regarder les Filles (2011). In 2015, she played the female lead in the television movie L'Emprise, which earned her the Best Actress Award in 2016 at the Monte-Carlo TV Festival. In parallel, she took on the role of criminologist Chloé Saint-Laurent in the series Profilage, which she's played for the past 7 seasons, earning her even more fame among audiences everywhere.