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Les Hordes

In French

Meet the iconic creator of "Les Hordes", who will talk about this visionary series.

In the immediate future, what would happen if the unemployed with no rights and those on the outskirts of society refused their poverty, came out of the shadows and organized themselves to take over the cities? And if the most clandestine among them formed paramilitary groups? And if they secretly become a state within the state?  

Les Hordes is a cult series released in 1991 on La Cinq. It’s as if nearly thirty years ago, Jean-Claude Missiaen predicted the political, economic and social torments that govern our contemporary society today. A forgotten work, Les Hordes is a rare gem, an impressive and ambitious project for its time with visual references such as Mad Max, Blade Runner or The Warriors, all with limited resources, making it even more remarkable!


The session will be moderated by Gérard Camy (Cannes Cinéma)

In the presence of the creator of the series Jean-Claude Missiaen

Created by Jean-Claude Missiaen 
Based on the novel by Jacques Zelde  

Cast François Dunoyer, Corinne Touzet, Jean-Pierre Kalfon, Féodor Atkine 

Production Gérard Jourd’hui, Blue Dalhia Productions, La Cinq & RTL TV 




4 x 84 min