Season 8
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Justice : between fiction and reality - La Stagiaire

Place Espace Miramar
Broadcast on 14 April 10:00 - 12:00

Screening of an episode of La Stagiaire followed by a discussion with Mathieu Gleizes (collection director), Mrs. Karima Gassem vice-president of the local court of Cannes, Mrs. Samia Cheddani substitute to the judicial court of Grasse.

Episode 5 : « Âmes perdues »

Annabelle Marchand, a police officer, died at the police station where she worked after experiencing violent convulsions following an excessive drug intake. However, the young woman didn’t have any previous history of drug addiction. Could it be suicide? We discover indeed that Annabelle had recently become her team’s punching bag.



© François Lefebvre / Elephant Story / FTV la stagiaire

Michèle Bernier, Philippe Lelièvre, Soraya Garlenq, Cyrielle Voguet, Géraldine Loup, Jeanne Lambert, Jérémie Poppe, Emile Cherif, Rachel Perrin, Antoine Vincenot, Joakim Latzko, Emmanuelle Cousin, Ilona Simon, Sarah Saidi

Created by
Laurent Burtin, Isabel Sébastian

Written by
Lila Delmas, Sophia Périé, Mathieu Gleizes

Directed by
Jean-Marc Thérin

Eléphant Story

France 3