Season 7
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Dolores, la Malédiction du Pull-Over rouge

Place Espace Miramar
Broadcast on 11 October 15:30 - 17:15

A docudrama about highly researched facts, Dolores, soon to be broadcasted on Canal+, is the story, in 4 episodes, of Jean-Baptiste Rambla, Marie-Dolorès Rambla’s brother, who was killed in 1974 by Christian Ranucci. The case became globally famous with the book Le Pull-Over Rouge.

A documentary series of 4 x 52 minutes
Directed by Julien Seri
Produced by Giraf Prod
Written by Julien Guerif, Géraldine Levasseur and Brendan Kemmet

Broadcast : in October on CANAL+, and on myCANAL

Preview of the first episode, followed by a discussion with Julien Séri (director), Julien Guérif (author), Géraldine Levasseur (producer, author), and Fabrice Epstein (lawyer), moderated by Constance Jamet (Le Figaro).

Duration: 105 minutes

The Cannes Rendez-Vous are exclusively intended for a French-speaking audience.

Credits: © Giraf Prod