Season 7
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Documentary Series Competition Program 1

Documentary Series Competition
Place Espace Miramar
Broadcast on 17 April 14:00 - 16:20

On the program for this first part of the Documentary Series Competition:



For many years, King Juan Carlos I was a Spanish hero, celebrated around the world, for reforming Spain with his modern, progressive and democratic values until scandals and allegations surrounding his financial arrangements led to his abdication in 2014.

Taking viewers across the globe from Madrid to London, Monaco, Geneva, Abu Dhabi and New York; this high-end docu-thriller deals with the allegations surrounding the former King in a struggle for money, sex and power.



LAC-MÉGANTIC - this is not an ACCIDENT

On July 6th, 2013, a runaway train pierces through the night in Lac-Mégantic, filled with tons of oil. Down a hill, the cars derail in the city center, burning the heart of a whole community and taking the life of 47 innocent people. Filmmaker Philippe Falardeau reveals the impossibility of an accident.
Through moving testimonies, the director recounts the itinerary of a time bomb and shows how the citizens of Lac-Mégantic are not done with the aftermath.



An in depth look at Mafalda, Quino’s comic strip. We will dive deep to reveal how a comic strip could get so relevant culturally and how and why impacted everyone’s lives. With access to never seen before materials and exclusive interviews the docuseries will take a new fresh look into this classic.



The Chevaline Killings: Finding the Missing PiecE

September 5th, 2012, town of Chevaline, Haute-Savoie.
In the middle of the woods, far from tourist trails, a family stops to read an indication panel. Suddenly, this common situation takes a turn for the worst. A shooter, who came out of nowhere, sprays the family with bullets.
After a sprawling 10-year investigation, the series tries to put the puzzle pieces together.