Season 6
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Destination : Séries X Eric Judor

Meet Eric Judor (H, Platane), and the creators of Destination : Séries in a special Pitch Seance, during which our guests will talk about the famous emission to CANNESERIES' public.

A legendary 90s show, Destination : Séries was the first to report on the TV series phenomenon, as well as to analyse it. Broadcast from March 17, 1992 to June 17, 2001 on Canal Jimmy, the show's 10 seasons and 225 episodes follow the creators of some of the great classics (The AvengersThe InvadersMission: ImpossibleStar Trek...) as well as those making what would become future cult series of the time (Twin PeaksERNYPD BlueFriendsThe X Files ...).

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