Saison 6
Compétition Séries Courtes

Cabeza Madre

Cabeza Madre
Cuba, France - 2017
Édouard Salier

John lands in Cuba where he is supposed to meet with his mother for the first time after 30 years. But in place of his alive mother, he discovers her dead body, of which the head is missing. He decides to try to find the missing head, but will soon discover that the rest of the family won’t be helpful at all. He is going to discover that his so-called family is even stranger than he imagined.

Fiche technique

Created & directed by
Édouard Salier

Written by
Édouard Salier & Mathieu Llorens

Daniel Fernandez Abello

Julien Perrin & Ael Dallier Vega


Clifton Collins Jr, Ana Gloria Buduen, Daniel Amat, Surelys Maria Pol, Michel Penton, Junior Ruiz

Iconoclast Content, Be Still & Studio +

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