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Short Form Competition

B r o d e r

Argentina - 2019 Leandro Vital, Jonathan Barg, Andrés Sehinkman, Mauro Pérez Quinteros

Season 1 - 10x12' | International Premiere
In Spanish with English & French subtitles
Ep. 1

Every Short Form Series will be accessible for free on CANNESERIES LIVE from October 9 to 14.

Mirko and Roma are a brother and sister duo. After their father dies, they decide to move to their grandmother Patria's house in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. There, they meet Núcleo, her neighbor, a rapper and hip-hop producer with a legendary recording studio El Triángulo Estudio. Roma is quickly accepted into the circle, but her brother Mirko will have to earn the respect of the other members with his rhymes.

Place Lumière Theater
Hours 13 October 11:00 - 11:15

t e c h n i c a l
s h e e t

Credits: © Planta Alta TV

Original Title

Written by  
Jonathan Barg, Salvador Roselli, Javier Zevallos

Directed by  
Mauro Pérez Quinteros

Armin Marchessini Wheimuller, Camilo Soratti

Juan José Esquivel

Nucleo Aka Tintasucia

Andy Gorostiaga, Ailin Salas, Klan, Nucleo Aka Tintasucia, Rebeca Flores

Planta Alta TV SRL.

Planta Alta TV SRL.

Canal Encuentro (Argentina)

Canal Encuentro (Argentina)