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W h a t ' s N e x t
o n S a l t o :
O n B e c o m i n g A G o d
i n C e n t r a l F l o r i d a

Hours 7 October 12:00 - 12:10

Credits: © 2019 Sony Pictures Television Inc and Showtime Networks Inc All rights reserved

Set in a small Orlando-adjacent town in 1992, the dark comedy series follows Krystal Stubbs (Kirsten Dunst), a minimum-wage water park employee who lies, schemes and cons her way up the ranks of Founders American Merchandise (FAM) — the cultish, flag-waving, multibillion-dollar pyramid scheme that drove her to ruin in the first place, run by the powerful Obie Garbeau II (Ted Levine). Determined to make a better life for herself, Krystal dives deep into FAM and develops a tangled relationship with FAM’s most loyal and fanatical follower Cody (Théodore Pellerin), until her business begins to affect those closest to her, including Ernie (Mel Rodriguez), her affable water park boss, and his FAM-skeptic wife Bets (Beth Ditto).

On Becoming A God in Central Florida (United States), dark comedy. Panel with Kirsten Dunst (actress) and Esta Spalding (showrunner).

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