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Marc Levy and Miguel Courtois

As part of the adaptation of Marc Levy's novel "All those things we never said" into a series (10x30') produced by TCC and STUDIOCANAL for the CANAL+ group and STARZPLAY, we will receive the showrunner and screenwriter of the series Marc Levy, as well as the director and screenwriter Miguel Courtois, for a discussion, moderated by Christian Huault (Nice Matin).

Duration: 60 minutes

MARC LEVY is the author of 22 novels. He has been translated and published in 49 languages. With over 50 million copies sold, he is the most read French author alive today. After winning the hearts of European readers, his success has expanded to countries around the globe. Over 2.5 million copies of his books have been sold in China alone. During the 2020 lockdown, the two French authors most read by Americans were Albert Camus and Marc Levy.

Miguel COURTOIS is a French and Spanish director and screenwriter. His credits include the prize winning El Lobo and Operacion E…. 

Pitch: As far back as Julia Saurel can remember, she’s had a difficult relationship with her father. Three days before she is supposed to get married, she receives a phone call – just as she had predicted, her father will not be able to attend her wedding. For once, Julia has to admit he has a really good excuse – he just died. Julia cannot help seeing the tragi-comic side of the situation. Her nuptial dreams transform into funeral plans and even from the grave, it seems her father Michel has his own particularly effective way of disrupting his daughter’s life. But the day after his funeral, Julia discovers that her father has one last surprise in store for her when a tall wooden crate is delivered to her home – inside it is a life-size android, a carbon copy of her father. The android explains to Julia that he contains the memory of her father and has a battery life of seven days. After that, “Michel” will automatically turn off. He is so convincing that he talks Julia into embarking on a road trip, as father and daughter, to make up for lost time. But Michel and Julia’s journey will turn into something unexpected: a quest to find Julia’s first love, Tomas, who she met at the fall of the Berlin Wall, a journalist who she believes was killed on assignment – but was he really? 

Julia and Michel will travel across Europe through iconic cities, from Paris and Madrid, to Bruges and Berlin. So begins a journey that will turn Julia’s life upside down. At its heart lies the reconciliation of a father and daughter. And it’s also a tale of first love – the kind that never dies.

The Cannes Rendez-Vous are exclusively intended for a French-speaking audience.


Credits: © Raul Soto  © Nikos Aliagas

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