Season 6
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Pitch : Baptiste Lecaplain

In French

Baptiste Lecaplai, french comedian whose reputation has not to be proved anymore, will present to CANNESERIES' public his new short-form series.

Lionel Planche, a hyperactive and tyrannical young film producer, has only one idea in mind: to produce his first feature film, FINALLY. Supported by Chantal, his devoted assistant, who is a little bit of a brown-nose, but always with the best of intentions, Lionel will do everything to find a place in the film industry. Lacking any guidelines or code of ethics, Lionel doesn’t respect anything or anybody. He is convinced that he has a head start on the competition thanks to his visionary spirit, but his ideas and his epiphanies are most often related to his egotistical delusions. 

© Romain Albanese _ ROGERFILMS_ CANAL+