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Simone & moi, une amitié mécanique

Simone & moi, une amitié mécanique



Soukaïna Meflah & Laurène Dervieux

2018 - France ⎮ Season 1 - 10x4' ⎮ World Premiere
9th April - 10AM
Espace Miramar
In French with English subtitles 
Ep. 1 - 4

Simone is the sweet nickname 28-year-old Bahia has given to her medical walker after being forced to use it to get around following a long hospitalization. Over time, and after a few arguments, they’ve gotten to know each other. Their unusual story is peppered by incongruous, funny, revolting and often touching events. In a world where everything keeps moving faster and faster, we follow the journey of this young woman forced to slow down. Through her eyes, the obstacles of daily life are met with an off-the-wall humor that is sometimes surrealistic, and always resolutely optimistic.  




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Simone & moi, une amitié mécanique

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Creation and Screenplay 
Soukaïna Meflah & Laurène Dervieux

Laurène Dervieux & Maxime Charden

Alexandre Dulinski

Nicolas Gilquin, Yves Zarka 

Soukaïna Meflah, Jordan Mons, Jordi Le Bolloc’H, Keyvan Khojandi, Dalia Bonnet, Nicolas Berno, Eléonore Costes, Juliette Tresanini, Justine Le Pottier, Ismaël Isme

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