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Les Mystères de l'Amour

Les Mystères de l'Amour



Meet & Greet

Sunday 7th April
12PM - Miramar

Meet the team of "Les Mystères de l'Amour", a must-see for any fan of french series, following the life of Hélène, Nicolas and their friends now that they are older and have to face different issues than those from college.

Hélène, Nicolas and their group of friends haven't left each other's sides since college. Now all living in the Paris area, they can count on each other to face whatever life throws their way. With more than 500 episodes, Les Mystères de l’Amour has delighted audiences since it premiered in 2011, and has captured the hearts of hundreds of thousands of viewers with so many astonishing and moving moments. Love, betrayal, break-ups, nightmares, parallel lives, revenge, marriage, disappearances, murder, kisses, slaps, laughter, tears, princesses, knights and even aliens - the show has it all. 

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Free entry (subject to availability of limited spaces)

Les Mystères de l'Amour

This Meet & Greet will be moderated by Alexandre Letren (VL MEDIA)

In the presence of the actors
Elsa Esnoult
(Fanny), Laly Meignan (Laly),  Patrick Puydebat (Nicolas), Sébastien Roch (Christian), Carole Dechantre (Ingrid)
& the creator of the series
Jean-Luc Azoulay
(Hélène et les garçons)

Written by Jean-François Porry 

Directed by Guy Famechon, Henri Hasbani & Vincent Van Moere 

Editing Margaux Mollet & Anaïs Leclercq 

Music Gérard Salesses & Jean Pierre Soulagnet 

Cast Hélène Rolles, Patrick Puydebat, Laure Guibert, Tom Schacht, Elsa Esnoult, Sébastien, Cathy Andrieu, Philippe Vasseur, Laly Meignan 


Producers Jean-Luc Azoulay 

Distribution  MEDIAWAN RIGHTS 

Broadcast TMC 


Since 2011 



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