Special events

Alice Nevers

Alice Nevers




Sunday 7th April 
4PM - Miramar

In French

Meet the cast of Alice Nevers during which the audience will discover an unseen episode of the crime series, and the screening will be followed by a Q&A with the team.

Freshly named assistant criminal prosecutor, Alice Nevers investigates crimes committed in Paris with Captain Marquand and their loyal assistants Victor Lemonier and Djibril Kadiri, as well as forensic specialist Jerome Ravalec. In each case, the duo tries to trace the path of their victim of the day, which plunges them into the heart of the burning issues facing society today. Alice and Marquand also have a particularly hectic private life. Their relationship isn’t just professional ... Alice and Marquand are passionately in love despite the multiple conflicts of interest. They live in two separate, but adjoining apartments and are raising two children.


Free entry (subject to availability of limited spaces)

Alice Nevers

The session will be moderated by Christian Huault (Nice Matin)

In the presence of the actors : 
Marine Delterme (Alice Nevers)Jean-Michel Tinivelli (Fred Marquant)
& of the producers of the series : 
Pascale BreugnotVincent Mouluquet 
Claire Alexandrakis (Collection Manager)

Written by Thomas Boullé & Claire Alexandrakis 

Directed by Jean-Christophe Delpias 

Photography Dominique De Wever 

Editing Nicolas Reydon & Constance Alexandre 

Music Christophe La Pinta 

Cast Marine Delterme, Jean-Michel Tinivelli, Gary Mihaileanu, Guillaume Carcaud, Loïc Legendre 

Production Ego Production (Pascale Breugnot et Vincent Mouluquet) 

Sales Mediawan Rights 

Broadcast TF1 



10 x 52 min 

16 seasons  

113 episodes

Photo Credit : © Philipe Warrin