Info / 06-02-2019

"Vernon Subutex" in World Premiere for CANNESERIES

CANNESERIES Festival will open its second edition on April 5 with the World Premiere Out of Competition screening of Vernon Subutex, a series produced by CANAL+ and directed by Cathy Verney

As last year, the screening will be open to the public and free of charge.
Tickets will be online on 22 March.


A film adaptation of Virginie Despentes' novel

The first volume of Vernon Subutex is published in January 2015 and immediately knows the success it deserves. It wins several prizes such as the Landerneau Prize in 2015.

But how is this saga so different? Pessimistic criticism of our French modern society and fight against social hypocrisy, Virginie Despentes isn’t afraid of putting the cat among the pigeons. Vernon Subutex has the role of a bitter pill which aims at a reflection and a reassessment of the society in which we all live.


Romain Duris, from bobo to hobo

The popular actor begins in the world of TV shows with a different role than the one he usually plays, far from the chic dandy from The Heartbreaker. This time, he’s the one with a broken heart. A hard and harsh role of a lost man who’s lost everything.



The saga centers on a record-shop owner who, when his shop closes, is evicted and has to live after subsidies before driving into homelessness. He then has to spend nights on sofas from old acquaintances and finds himself given some video tapes several people are hunting down from one of his former friends.The sweeping cast of characters reflect all strata of society and gives a voice to the invisible people of our society.


photo : © Xavier Lahache / Canal+.