Info / 20-03-2019



This word translates one of our society's hottest topics, and a key element of the audiovisual landscape.

Between clichés, stereotypes and dicrimination, some series sometimes fall under tropisms.

At Canneseries, we would like to try and understand the dynamics at work by relaying each week a series of articles, studies and key data decoding the subject.

Behind or in front of the camera, how are stories told, and produced, as well as the gendered identities they identifiy with?


Knock knock knock on gender's Door

The national broadcaster Doordarshan implimented a set of guidelines for Indian TV channels regarding their programming in order to allow a better, cliché-free representation of women on screen avoiding stereotypes that enchance a biased vision of their role in society. 

“These guidelines are a pioneering step towards constructing a gender equitable society,” said Supriya Sahu, director general.

Farewell then to the damsels in distress unconditionally saved by a male counterpart, hoping this wave of progress will travel from Bo to Ho-llywood... 




These 70's shows 


One could initially think that American sitcomes from the 50's to the 80's strenghtenned heteronormative ideals with strong representation of puritanism-inspired stories and characters. However Quinlan Miller in the book "Camp TV: Trans Gender Queer Sitcom History" actually demonstrates that this particular TV era allowed an overflow of dialogs and characters encouraging queer representation and gender nonconformity on screen. 

The 'Camp' aesthetic, that one could translate by strongly effeminate theatrics, found its place in numerous productions, among which a lot of comedies, allowing the rise of many hues of people and genres that the author analyses in a television history running from The Dick Van Dyke Show to Will and Grace, in a book to be released in May 2019.





To Binge or not to Binge

We can't say it enough, films and series are major media of education participating in the construction and evolution of mentalities. We invite you to discover or re-discover these seven teen and gender-friendly shows: from the drama This is Us to the comedy Brooklyn Nine-Nine or the Sci-Fi reboot of Battlestar Galactica, enjoy these shows that try to leave gendered stereotypes behind.