Info / 03-04-2019



This word translates one of our society's hottest topics, and a key element of the audiovisual landscape.

Between clichés, stereotypes and dicrimination, some series sometimes fall under tropisms.

At Canneseries, we would like to try and understand the dynamics at work by relaying each week a series of articles, studies and key data decoding the subject.

Behind or in front of the camera, how are stories told, and produced, as well as the gendered identities they identifiy with?


Back to the future? 

What if parity took a step backwards and gradually disappeared from the creation of American films ?

Thanks to grand of about 350 000 dollars, the American Film Insitute might be able to answer that question. The initiative Women They Talk  About (named after an old forgotten movie from the late 20's) was funded throught the help of the National Endowment for the Humanities and is based on the idea that the first decades of American Film History actually gave women a more empowering place in the industry. Indeed it would seem like that the era was way closer to professional parity in Entertainment than we are today as more women were key decision-makers. 



If I were a boy

How does one see the world in the skin of another gender ? The directors Mika Tard and Katia Lewkovicz tried to answer that question by taking walks on the male side with notorious women from the French Entertainment industry disguised as men.

Together, they experienced virility’s numerous features with open-mindedness and humour. Exploring the gender theme, a dedicated special event will occur during the Festival with the intervention and stories of the series’ actresses after the screening of three episodes on April 9th at Mirama in Cannes at 2PM. 



Courage has no gender 

For the launch of the second season of the Indian TV series Laakhon Mein Ek, actress and activist Taapsee Pannu, shared her point of view on the gendered stereotypes still too common on screen. 

"The phrase I have often heard... used to project courage on screen or in real life is 'be a man', which often disturbs me because I believe women are equally, if not more, courageous (...) Laakhon Mein Ek' Season 2 is a series where through Dr. Shreya - the protagonist of the show, we see the fearlessness of a woman as she bravely fights against the system and proves that courage cannot and should not be defined by gender".

The Indian show soon to be available on Amazon Prime Video, emphasizes the pressure young Indians have to live with when it comes to professional orientation. The second season will follow the story of a young female doctor, played by Shweta Tripathi, who has to face certain difficulties due her status as a woman both regarding the medical community and the rest of society.